Infidelity Cases on the Rise in Orlando


You’re probably heard many times that half of all American marriages end in divorce, a fact that’s been true for some time and will likely continue to be true well into the future. But did you know that the state of Florida, as well as the city of Orlando, is among the top areas in the United States when it comes to divorce rates?


Many divorces in America are a result of infidelity by one partner in a marriage, an act that can have serious repercussions not only for the partners involved, but also for children and even pets and extended family members.


If you suspect your husband or wife is cheating on you, then it’s probably a good idea to follow your instincts and look into the matter. 

What can you do?

Our private investigator Orlando team mention that there are many steps you can take on your own to check up on your spouse. Show up unexpectedly at their place of business, sneak a peek at their phone from time to time, pay attention to changes in your spouse’s behavior, maybe even create a fake social media profile and engage him or her online.


Orlando is a fun and exciting city and is soaked in sunshine most of the year. For these reasons and more, it’s also a city that’s teeming with tourists, so meeting someone and having a casual fling really isn’t all that difficult.


It’s one of the reasons that makes Orlando one of the hotbeds for infidelity in both the state of Florida and in the country as a whole. So if you suspect infidelity, do some investigating on your own and see if your concerns are warranted.


Once you feel pretty confident that your spouse is cheating on you, call ACES Private Investigations Orlando and let one of the state’s finest private detectives investigate the matter for you.


If your spouse is cheating, ACES will find the evidence and deliver it to you in a timely fashion. You can then decide how you’d like to move forward in terms of your marriage and your life.


ACES uses only the most modern surveillance equipment available in the marketplace today and our investigators have years, often decades, of experience in surveillance and investigative techniques at their disposal.

cheating spouse

If infidelity is occurring, we’ll find it, we’ll document it and we’ll deliver it to you via a detailed report that includes tangible evidence of what’s going on. There will be no doubt of what your husband or wife is doing – it will be right there and it will be irrefutable.


And if we investigate and can find no evidence of infidelity, at least it will give you some peace of mind. You can take a deep breath and hit reset on your relationship with your spouse.


Either way, it’s good to know for sure and ACES Private Investigations Orlando can give you the closure that you crave.


Infidelity and cheating happens regularly in Orlando, which is why so many marriages end up falling by the wayside over time. And if it’s happening to you, you need to be aware of the circumstances and gather the facts you need to make the most informative decision you can about you and the future of your marriage.


Call ACES Orlando today and we’ll set your mind at ease. Regardless of the outcome of our investigation, isn’t that the most important thing?

Knowledge is power! Call ACES and let us put that knowledge in your hands today